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Add:Economy Development Zone,Linmu County,Shandong Province,China.
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Linyi Jinyuan Chemical Co.,Ltd.located in Economy Development Zone in Linmu County,Shandong Province. Our company has a convenient transportation as with No.327 National road and S225 Provincial road cross the city.We are the largest national imidazole manufacturer which are used in pharmaceutical and pesticide production.Our annual output is 6 thousand tons,output value exceed billion yuan.Cooperating with well-known enterprise,we have strong competitive advantageous in process, quality,raw material supply,etc.Our products are exported to Japan, India, United States,Italy,Spain,South Korea and many other countries.

Imidazole production process is to mix formaldehyde, glyoxal in a ratio and add them to reactor with ammonia and proceed Cyclization condensation reaction.There's no waste water during the process,only small amount of vacuum condensed water and equipments,ground water concentration after treatment by the ammonia recovery equipment to recover for the production of ammonia, the treated wastewater produced by the cooling device for cooling.

We adopt standard management system,complete operating regulations,good equipments and testing devices.Our employees are trained for three stages.Our security,environmental protection,emergency infrastructure and personal protective equipments are complete.

Stick to the principle of "safety first,prevention based,comprehensive management",relying on technology,management,we constantly improve the safety environmental management level.Under the guidance of the leaders,we successively constructed rain and sewage diversion,emergency pool,recycled water pool and other measurment,which greatly improved the utility of recycled water and achieved good economic,environmental and social benefit. 

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